Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Keystone Cops.

Could the West Midlands Police Force (sorry Service) make itself look anymore foolish or incompetent.
I am not talking about the front line troops that do a excellent job, but its out of touch -so called- leaders.

First they hide the facts about the extent of "grooming" by Pakistani men in Telford just like their comrades in Rotherham did to "stop any backlash in the Election?
Just when did the W,M,P, have the right to protect criminals from being exposed -unlike their white counterparts who are equally disgusting- because of race?
Isn't that alone "RACIST"?

Another small -but significant point- is who gave them the power to intervene in the Election process, although this is not an isolated incident?
They intervened and made a candidate for MP's campaign nearly impossible to carry out on the word of a local Labour councillor.
Puppets and string pullers comes to mind.

On top of all this they put forward the idea of "Cops in Burqa's" ?
No I,m not joking, some "Senior Officer" came up with this ludicrous idea.
Leaving aside the fact that they would look completely ridiculous, and a risk to themselves from criminals, "just how are these "Burqa Cops going to chase anybody without giving the appearance of a Keystone Cop chase?

Let me state that -before the screams of "racist"- we at the PCF have no problem with head scarfs, after all most of our mothers wore them.
A Burqa -full face veil) is a repressive piece of  clothing and is not welcome in our society that works by face to face, eye to eye contact.
Its a simple fact that we communicate not only by voice but by facisll

Along with these "Burqa Cops" will they allow Cops dressed as Jedi Warriors, or Strutters like the "compere the market.com advert?
Mind you they are the ones that sent policemen -when they were moaning about low manpower- to the Caribbean to look after British drunks?

Just what has our -envied all over the world- police force (sorry service) sunk to?
We have a judicial system that is constantly being changed to suit minorities, and works against the majority.
You cannot constantly intimidate and threaten one part of society while leaving another to commit crime with impunity without a severe backlash.

At home the Tory's are doing boundary changes and Labour are whingeing?
The same racist Labour party that changed the boundaries in Stoke-on-Trent to gain more ,also to gain more of the ethnic votes, and took the right to vote every year -like most of the country- in Elections.
They had the audacity to claim they were doing it because of the BNP?
Potteries Community Federation.
Alan MacDonald.


Saturday, 10 September 2016

Boost Cities Standing.

I have just come back from the city of Liverpool.
What a magnificent job it's councils have done over the years exploiting it's history and famous people and cleaning the city up to get more tourism and finances going into the coffers.
Everybody in the city benefits from this long term forward thinking, both citizens and business,s.

This could be replicated in our city with a little forethought and foresight.
We have famous citizens in R J Mitchell, Robbie Williams, Wedgewood, Minton, Moorcroft, Spode, Portmerion, Slash, Lemmy, Captain Edward Smith (Titanic), Stanley Mathews, Stoke, and Vale, Phil Taylor (16 times winner of the World Professional Darts Championship, and the world famous author Arnold Bennet.

Surely this council could get their heads together and create a city of interest with all this history and famous people?
We have loads of vacant buildings that could be used for the purpose of showing our famous faces and their lives off.

I,m sure societies usiness,s and fan clubs could be involved in this project.
This would give this city a massive boost in finances and pride.
So come on council show us what we pay you for.
Potteries Community Federation

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Feral kids and Racists.

As Labour lurch from scandal to scandal with its racist attacks on whites and Jewish people, as well as dirty little scumbags using rent boys with public money, and its love of paedophiles, it is time this dirty little party was proscribed.
I feel sorry for Ruth Smeeth and what she as  had to put up with from the racist members of her own Labour party.

As for that other racist Dianne Abbot well she fits in with Corbyn's views, having been in bed with him.
This stinking bunch of racist hypocrites that have been only to happy to demonise others for something they have practised for a long time?
They deliberately destroyed thousands of years of culture in order to eliminate the indigenous people and culture, and deserve to be the first to be eliminated.

The PCF would like to congratulate Mathew Tate, headmaster of Hartsdown Academy in Margate Kent for taking a stand against feral kids, and feral parents that believe they can dress just as they like.
I also believe that this feral minority will have the left wing Guardian readers on their side, demanding that the feral children are being victimised and traumatised for life.

I hope he gets the support he so richly deserves for trying to halt the type of feral child that has been spewed out by our -so called- Education system for the last thirty years.
Too many Children who after 10 years of left wing teaching are unable to read, write, and add up.
This while third world children race ahead of our own due to left wing Education habits.

Hopefully this is the start of a Education reform, and spreads to other schools, along with the discipline he is trying to instil in his charges.
This countries Education Authority has for too long failed in its job, with the proof on the streets of every town and city.

Labour set the seeds to this with their idiotic -no child can be a winner- rules and their hatred of anyone progressing.
Their hatred of Grammar Schools is hypocritical seeing as Corbyn, and Abbot, along with many other Labour hypocrites went to grammar schools.
A case of "do as I say not as I do".

Children overweight because of Labours selling off sports fields and lack of set physical exercise in our schools, as well as overfed parents trying to get their kids in their image.
Look to the teaching methods in third world countries that have their classes -much bigger than the ones our "teachers" moan about- in rows not in separate groups which they cannot control.

Also they teach their children maths tables repetitively which again is a proven tactic.
They teach their children morals, manners, and decency whereas our children have not got a clue.
It is time for a massive change in the way our children are taught, and the teachers that teach them.
Discipline needs to be instilled from the very start.
Potteries Community Federation. 

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Establishment Protection?

While the brexit doom and gloom merchants are having fainting spells over the success so far of the gains being made by industry, and the financial market, we are going from strength to strength.
Even the freak in the pink hat and stupid looks, along with Wee Jimmy Cranky up North cannot alter that.

Hopefully Theresa  May can reverse some of the Labour lunacy that Blair and his scum inflicted on this country, in order to "rub the rights nose in diversity, and multiculturism"?
History as proved that "Multiculturism" as never worked simply because humans are tribal and prefer their own tribe, even some Labour MPs have admitted it was an experiment that was doomed to failure.

Blair and his scum went one further by insisting they brought and practised their alien cultures, and then making us pay the bill for it in millions of pounds of our tax's?
They were even allowed to set up ghetto's and refuse to integrate leaving us to foot the bill for interpreters and printing in "god" knows how many languages.

Our own pensioners who have paid into the pot all their working lives only get an average £4.,000 per year in pension while an immigrant can claim up to £24,000 a year?
How can that possibly be right?
Why are we the only country they head for, if it is not for the benefits so generously dished out by the bleeding heart brigade, while pensioners die by the thousands each winter through fuel, and food poverty?

Our sick and disabled are left out in the cold while egomaniacs run around the world giving our hard earned tax's to dictators and denizens of third world countries.
Billions of pounds given in "Foreign Aid" while medicines are denied to cancer sufferers, Hospital A&Es closing due to lack of professional staff while Hospital "administrator" rape the funds meant for the sick in eye watering wages and perks (while still failing).

There is plenty to do now that funds will shortly be diverted back to this country rather than some corrupt regime in Brussels.
Lets start looking after this country before anyone else, and get us back to normality.

The establishment can hide their heads in the sand at the mood of the country -just like the French did before the revolution- but unless they start listening to the people the end could well be the same.
Potteries Community Federation.



Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Authoritarian Silence.

The PCF have constantly fought fraud, both Electoral, Council, Police and Government, but these organisations are backed with public finances we have no access to.
Just go back and read what we have campaigned about.
The fact is had we published anything wrong they would have jumped all over us and locked us up, and it irks them that they cannot.

No doubt there accomplices are amongst the few posters who comment on our views.
Their limited and sometimes vile comments are no doubt the limit of their intellect.
The threats to harm members of the PCF for daring to have a -valid- opinion just sums them up as fascists.

We are in error never the less in describing the vile paedophiles of the Rotherham 1400 children as "Asians"   when in fact they were (as are many of the other City paedophile gangs were) "mainly of Pakistani origin, and Muslims according to official figures.
The PCF has fought against the reticence of the police, authorities, media, and press to recognise a cultural problem that needs stamping out.

This does not mean we sit back and think white Paedophiles are another thing.
We have often said that "ALL PAEDOPHILES ARE CHEMICALLY CASTRATED" the minute they are convicted.
Sod the bleeding heart brigade that protect them for their votes like many councillors and politicians do.

If this is "racist" to request then so be it.
I and the other members of the PCF have no problem with Indians, Chinese, or any other "Asian countries or their people that integrate and conform to "Our values and rules" .
This also includes the 11,000 "honour killings" in the last 5 years, Forced marriages of young children, and the disgusting Female Genital Mutilation of children.

The Labour Government under that lying piece of human waste Blair (along with other Labour scum) started the downward slide in this country by allowing this country to be turned into a cess pit of Murderers, rapists, and criminals, (as if we did not have enough of our own) just to "rub the rights nose in diversity"?

There is a certain type of person that defends these scum on the basis that anyone who dares criticize them must be "racist" or some other infantile name.
We have a few in this City (councillors, and police) that have sat on their overfed fat backsides knowing the truth but covering it up with cries of "racist".

Are we supposed to accept other backward cultures being practised in this country without daring to criticize or demand an end to without childish name calling?
We will not support these vile crimes or criminals in any way shape, or form but will keep on fighting to protect our population from them.
Peter Thornley Potteries Community Federation.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Fraud -on-Trent


Just read this story and go back to what the PCF was stating years ago about voter fraud, intimidation and assaults.
Back then we were called "racist" for daring to speak out against the "protected species".
We gave proof to the "electoral commission" and the Police yet "NOTHING WAS DONE"?

Incidents of assault, intimidation were met with a total failure to get action from our spineless Police and Electoral Commission.
Incidents in elections in Stoke-on-Trent  are common place yet allowed to go on because "it suits the ruling party, just as the "grooming is allowed to carry on unabated so as not to upset our protected "communities" and their votes?

Councillors using the Police as their own private activists seem to have become common practice.
"don't like the opposition send in the local constabulary to harass and intimidate" ?
Still we are saddled with Liars, Conmen, and even worse, because they protect each other.
Potteries Community Federation

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Lice ridden Parasites.

Having lived on this earth for over 60 years, and making my own decisions I now find that I must bow down to the new order.
I must do what the other sheep do, and hate what they hate, like what they say.
Well they can go to hell, I do what the hell I like and say "sod you Jack".
Anyone that try's to force me into their ideolagy will suffer.

I must accept the abnormal as normal.
I must accept a religion that is driven by hatred.
I must accept buildings I find ugly.
Well again "sod you Jack" I was born with a mind not a computer that is programmed to "OBEY".

I am sick of the 10% of people in charge of organisations like the NHS, POLICE, COUNCIL, GOVERNMENT, and EDUCATION that believe they are above the people they are paid to serve.
These are the same 10% that believe we the tax-payer/public are here just to serve "THEM".
They bleed the services dry, and distort the system to suit their own agenda,

Our Police are now a standing joke, having (along with councillors) sat back and allowed the rape, and abuse of 1,000s  our young vulnerable children.
They have retreated into their stations, locked the doors and given up, seemingly on the orders of the 10%.
They have also been politicised to obey their political masters, as have been seen many times in the past.

The 101, and the 999 service is also a joke with waiting times up to an hour.
A police service (that is not) has become more and more distant from the people it is supposed to serve.
Crime is under recorded by this silence tactic, giving a false impression of the actual figures, and police stations closed helps a great deal.
Add to this the slovenly style of dress in our PCs and PCSO's also adds to the lack of respect given them.

The NHS has been overwhelmed by Labours insane " open door immigration" policy.
Money wasted on frivolities and high paid pen pushers hell bent on feathering their nests.
The situation is so bad that foreigners travel thousands of miles to get medical treatment then bugger off back without paying, and there's not one rule in place to stop them.
Operations are delayed, Cancer medicine is declined, while we pay billions out in foreign aid?

Education is failing generation after generation.
Children are still leaving school after over 15 years unable to read, write and add up simple sums.
Just this week former NUT boss Christine Blower left her post to Kevin Courtney.
This pair of commies think nothing of your children's Education.
Their records speak for themselves.

Christine Blower was the most militant leader the NUT had, and her sole boast to her time in power was she lead more strikes than any other NUT leader.
So much for our children's Education in her thoughts.
Her successor Kevin Courtney wants the parents to mobilise in classroom walkouts?
Respect for anybody that follows these fascists say will surely fall further than it is now.

I do not blame the front line troops, our nurses, and doctors, but there must be change and this parasitic, lice ridden vermin 10% must be driven out of their jobs.
It will surely end in anarchy if these parasites are allowed to carry on.
Peter Thornley. Potteries Community Federation.