Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Authoritarian Silence.

The PCF have constantly fought fraud, both Electoral, Council, Police and Government, but these organisations are backed with public finances we have no access to.
Just go back and read what we have campaigned about.
The fact is had we published anything wrong they would have jumped all over us and locked us up, and it irks them that they cannot.

No doubt there accomplices are amongst the few posters who comment on our views.
Their limited and sometimes vile comments are no doubt the limit of their intellect.
The threats to harm members of the PCF for daring to have a -valid- opinion just sums them up as fascists.

We are in error never the less in describing the vile paedophiles of the Rotherham 1400 children as "Asians"   when in fact they were (as are many of the other City paedophile gangs were) "mainly of Pakistani origin, and Muslims according to official figures.
The PCF has fought against the reticence of the police, authorities, media, and press to recognise a cultural problem that needs stamping out.

This does not mean we sit back and think white Paedophiles are another thing.
We have often said that "ALL PAEDOPHILES ARE CHEMICALLY CASTRATED" the minute they are convicted.
Sod the bleeding heart brigade that protect them for their votes like many councillors and politicians do.

If this is "racist" to request then so be it.
I and the other members of the PCF have no problem with Indians, Chinese, or any other "Asian countries or their people that integrate and conform to "Our values and rules" .
This also includes the 11,000 "honour killings" in the last 5 years, Forced marriages of young children, and the disgusting Female Genital Mutilation of children.

The Labour Government under that lying piece of human waste Blair (along with other Labour scum) started the downward slide in this country by allowing this country to be turned into a cess pit of Murderers, rapists, and criminals, (as if we did not have enough of our own) just to "rub the rights nose in diversity"?

There is a certain type of person that defends these scum on the basis that anyone who dares criticize them must be "racist" or some other infantile name.
We have a few in this City (councillors, and police) that have sat on their overfed fat backsides knowing the truth but covering it up with cries of "racist".

Are we supposed to accept other backward cultures being practised in this country without daring to criticize or demand an end to without childish name calling?
We will not support these vile crimes or criminals in any way shape, or form but will keep on fighting to protect our population from them.
Peter Thornley Potteries Community Federation.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Fraud -on-Trent


Just read this story and go back to what the PCF was stating years ago about voter fraud, intimidation and assaults.
Back then we were called "racist" for daring to speak out against the "protected species".
We gave proof to the "electoral commission" and the Police yet "NOTHING WAS DONE"?

Incidents of assault, intimidation were met with a total failure to get action from our spineless Police and Electoral Commission.
Incidents in elections in Stoke-on-Trent  are common place yet allowed to go on because "it suits the ruling party, just as the "grooming is allowed to carry on unabated so as not to upset our protected "communities" and their votes?

Councillors using the Police as their own private activists seem to have become common practice.
"don't like the opposition send in the local constabulary to harass and intimidate" ?
Still we are saddled with Liars, Conmen, and even worse, because they protect each other.
Potteries Community Federation

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Lice ridden Parasites.

Having lived on this earth for over 60 years, and making my own decisions I now find that I must bow down to the new order.
I must do what the other sheep do, and hate what they hate, like what they say.
Well they can go to hell, I do what the hell I like and say "sod you Jack".
Anyone that try's to force me into their ideolagy will suffer.

I must accept the abnormal as normal.
I must accept a religion that is driven by hatred.
I must accept buildings I find ugly.
Well again "sod you Jack" I was born with a mind not a computer that is programmed to "OBEY".

I am sick of the 10% of people in charge of organisations like the NHS, POLICE, COUNCIL, GOVERNMENT, and EDUCATION that believe they are above the people they are paid to serve.
These are the same 10% that believe we the tax-payer/public are here just to serve "THEM".
They bleed the services dry, and distort the system to suit their own agenda,

Our Police are now a standing joke, having (along with councillors) sat back and allowed the rape, and abuse of 1,000s  our young vulnerable children.
They have retreated into their stations, locked the doors and given up, seemingly on the orders of the 10%.
They have also been politicised to obey their political masters, as have been seen many times in the past.

The 101, and the 999 service is also a joke with waiting times up to an hour.
A police service (that is not) has become more and more distant from the people it is supposed to serve.
Crime is under recorded by this silence tactic, giving a false impression of the actual figures, and police stations closed helps a great deal.
Add to this the slovenly style of dress in our PCs and PCSO's also adds to the lack of respect given them.

The NHS has been overwhelmed by Labours insane " open door immigration" policy.
Money wasted on frivolities and high paid pen pushers hell bent on feathering their nests.
The situation is so bad that foreigners travel thousands of miles to get medical treatment then bugger off back without paying, and there's not one rule in place to stop them.
Operations are delayed, Cancer medicine is declined, while we pay billions out in foreign aid?

Education is failing generation after generation.
Children are still leaving school after over 15 years unable to read, write and add up simple sums.
Just this week former NUT boss Christine Blower left her post to Kevin Courtney.
This pair of commies think nothing of your children's Education.
Their records speak for themselves.

Christine Blower was the most militant leader the NUT had, and her sole boast to her time in power was she lead more strikes than any other NUT leader.
So much for our children's Education in her thoughts.
Her successor Kevin Courtney wants the parents to mobilise in classroom walkouts?
Respect for anybody that follows these fascists say will surely fall further than it is now.

I do not blame the front line troops, our nurses, and doctors, but there must be change and this parasitic, lice ridden vermin 10% must be driven out of their jobs.
It will surely end in anarchy if these parasites are allowed to carry on.
Peter Thornley. Potteries Community Federation.


Saturday, 16 July 2016

Religion of Piece ?

I sat down yesterday and wrote a piece for the PCF blog, but before posting it I read this piece by Katie Hopkins and decided this summed up all I wanted to say.

Please read and see if you come to the same conclusion as me.
Alan MacDonald, Potteries Community Federation.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Brexit Sore Losers.

I am so sick of sour losers whining over losing the referendum on leaving the corrupt EU.
Its simple "you lost get over it".
Pick up your toys you have thrown out of your pram.
Stop talking down the country because you did not get the result you wanted, its called "DEMOCRACY".

Top of the list is those Labour failures "the Kinnocks" crying now that they have lost their ability to screw money from the EU -British tax-payer- in the millions.
This is one family that have ridden on the back of failure to fill their bank accounts.
Now they are out of a job thanks to the "majority" of voters.

The audacity of Blair is astounding.
Just how this piece of human waste can stuck his nose in is unbelievable.
This is the same man that lied to his colleagues and the people to end the lives of thousands of innocent civilians and British personal serving in the Armed Forces.

Sky, BBC, Financial Times, and others are seemingly all putting a distorted view on the result.
The "luvvies" who took our money to make them famous now believe we are "stupid" to vote "OUT" ?
When will these cowards start trying to rebuild a country so damaged by the fascist, corrupt EU, instead of talking it down, or sod off to a EU country, as the threats, and the scaremongering have "FAILED"

Its time to rebuild our infrastructure -that was so badly damaged by Labours immigration lunacy- and remove all the foreign criminals presently in our jails -thereby saving us millions- and using our payments to the corrupt -not had its accounts signed off for 20 years- EU on "OUR" country.
We can rebuild the NHS for British citizens and not a world wide NHS for tourists.
We can rebuild out food production in this country to suit our needs and wants, thereby rebuilding "our" economy.

One final point to the moron that keeps going on about the PCF members being "scroungers".
We have self employed, disabled, ex servicemen, and workers as our members "NONE" of which are "scroungers" these are people who have served their country, and their communities for little or no reward.
But keep on sending your insults in as we find them most amusing.
Alan MacDonald potteries Community Federation. 

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Hypocrissy, and lies.

The tragic event of last Thursday of the murdering of a female Labour -Jo Cox- should have been treated as a sad occasion, but was turned into a media circus, with blatant lies and distortions spreading like a wild fire.
As the media reported a MP had been attacked it was alleged Angela Eagle (labour MP) tweeted that he had shouted "Britain First" (which she subsequently deleted, and debunked as untrue) in a blatant attempt to further her political agenda of the "Remain" camp?

Left wing journalists and politicians joined this circus with their disgusting political agenda's,- leaving aside any semblance of the truth- in blaming the "out" camp.
Polly Toynbee, Jonathon Freedland -The Guardian- Neil Coyle MP, Alex Massie, Merkel, Alain Juppe, and Dimitrious Avramopoulos, all jumped on the band wagon started by Labour.

Worse still was our own Prime Minister and his sidekick Corbyn who also seemed to take advantage for their "camp" (both of whom have stated we would be better off out than in) calling it a "hate crime"
They "all" have totally missed the point on the reason this happened, and it has not one thing to do with the EU "in or out" campaign no matter what lies are told.

This man (Thomas Mair) had a long history of mental health problems which were left untreated and not monitored as they should have been.
Blaming it on something he bought off the internet 17 years ago, or some lunatic group he may have joined just is incredible, but shows the length the press and media will go in their love of sensationalism, and distortion of the facts.

This -as with the previous one- Government has cut viciously funding to mental health services, preferring to throw them into the public sector for voluntary organisation to cater for.
We have people walking our streets incapable of handling everyday problems, as most of us have seen.
These are people this society would rather turn away from than help.

Our -so called- PM would rather grandstand on the world stage dishing out billions of pounds of "OUR" money to every third world dictator to build palaces, and have private jets, or supporting a corrupt mafia like organisation that is the "EU".
The very people dishing out "OUR" money know full well where "our" money is going, but they are dipping their snouts in the same trough.

We have homeless, mentally damaged, ex soldiers on our streets while the scum in London dine on Caviar and Champagne.
We have disabled people who have had their payments cut, and pensioners starving or freezing due to this same scum.

If this man had had the treatment he should have got it is possible that this incident would not have happened.
Before the hypocrites spout off about just "who is responsible" for tragedies like this they should look to themselves, as they have the responsibility to first protect the health and welfare of "this" countries citizens before others, in which they "FAIL MISERABLY" while lining their pockets.

Potteries Community Federation.   

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Quisling traitors.

Well the EU campaign is heating up with more porkies than a pig farm.
Listening to last nights ITV broadcast -which an overall majority of posters on websites claim was as bent in favour of Cameron as a nine bob note- I found it dreary, as I'm sure many others did.
Farage was not allowed to answer questions properly, and Cameron just waffled his way through again, aided by some ITV blonde.

Lets just look at the histories of some of the outer's.
Cameron, has done so many u-turns he's like a spinning top.
Truth has a great problem passing his lips.
He will quiet happily lead the Borg (EU) to this country to assimilate us into the EU collective.

Corbyn, too frightened to stick his head above the parapet after being a "outer" for many years.
His murdering pals Martin Maguiness, and Gerry Addams sit on the side line grinning at his weakness, and wait for another invitation to dinner.
Even the far left Unions are getting agitated over his doddering.

Blair, well what can you "not" say about this piece of human waste that wants us to trust him and stay in this corrupt club?
Well maybe its just that "it's corrupt" and suits his and his families lifestyle?
Not forgetting the hundreds of thousands of dead innocent civilians and British soldiers he has on his hands?

Kinnock, a failed leaders of the Labour party, which is saying something.
He and is family have creamed the money from the EU since Labour turfed his useless backside out.
He was instrumental in getting rid of the accountant that unearthed billions of Euro's in fraud.
The EU has not had its accounts signed off for at least 18 years, allowing fraud (our money) to run rampant unchecked.

The Bankers and money men, well these are the same ones that have a record of lies and failures.
They have put the country in debt and we are the ones that have to pay it back?
They did not forgo their bonus's and perks while we cut our cloth to survive.
They now move money around the world in order to bully and scare the voter into staying in.

This is just a small list of the scum that have -I believe- taken the EUs money to distort the truth about a corrupt, failing, vile organisation.
The EU is sitting waiting -like some hungry snake- with demands for more and more of our money if we stay in.
They threaten, and bully to try and force us to stay.

Finally Cameron last night said if we go we are "quitters", and "little Englanders"?
Well Cameron unlike yourself the British people are neither "quitters" or "cowards".
That is your department, and when this is over may I say your "quisling" actions will have consequences, to you and the other stinking traitors.

Would anyone with a brain cell put their trust in any of these scum?????????
Peter Thornley Potteries Community Federation.