Saturday, 21 January 2017

Brainwashing Children.

Just what have we turned our children into?
We have a generation of children so confused that their mental health is affected.
Some are so confused they don,t know what gender they are supposed to be?
Others are having mental health problems at a very early stages in their lives.

We have allowed the discipline, and control of our children to be taken over by so called "experts" .
The end result has been our children are totally confused with twisted, perverted propaganda, that seems its source is so sinister.

This is a problem that anybody with a brain cell could for see many years ago.
Education of our young has been on par with the training the Hitler youth were subjected to constant mind altering information.
Left wing Liberal ideology has been used as a tool to distort you minds.

The media (mainly TV) has been instrumental in twisting young minds.
TV programmers push the boundaries of decency with programs that would not be out of place on porn channels.
I doubt the mentality and the morality of the scriptwriters agenda.

A scan of the type of gutter programs can be seen every day, even before the "watershed" set up to protect our children shows just how far these scum are prepared to go.
These type of gutter programs must be a Godsend to the perverts, and paedophiles in our midst?

Television programs that seem obsessed with lesbianism, and homosexually promiscuousness, never seeming to portray the risks associated with this practice.
Soaps are rife with homosexuals and lesbians.
Emerdale, and Coronation Street seem to be obsessed with Homosexuallity with up to ten homosexuals in their storylines.

It leaves me wondering just how far they will push the boundaries of decency for "ratings"?
Will they (before the watershed) have two of these having sex?
Will they claim they are "showing real life" as an excuse for their filth.

Woman and girls storylines involve multiple sexual partners.
The slightest reason, and they jump into bed.
Again no warnings of communicable diseases, or the emotional backlash this type of behaviour brings.

All before the "so called" watershed!
Our failing Education system has taken away religion in schools which in the past gave the young some guidelines and morals, to be replaced with "rights" of young too early to be responsibly used.

With the onset of "health and safety" rules, and the removing of "any" discipline, along with no training to prepare them for their future, from an early age as been a disaster for them, and in my opinion this is why the numbers of confused children has risen substantially.

As a qualified professional has stated "if a child want,s to be a dog, would you give it a bone"?
We need to look further into the environment, lifestyles, and mental stability of these children, and not turn them into social experiments.
Also we need to reign in what they are exposed to.

They should be able to enjoy a childhood without those with a twisted, sick, perverted mentality inferring with their lives.
Children love dressing up and pretending, ask any responsible parent.
If a child dresses up as a nurse you don,t give them scalpels, do you?

Let's get some common sense back in the world.
Potteries Community Federation

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Murder by uncaring.

If 40,000 dogs or cats died through starvation there would be uproar.
If they were killed by lack of warmth the same.
When they are mistreated the tabloids and social networks are up in arms demanding justice.

So why are "OUR" pensioners treated this way??
They are discriminated against at every turn.
They -after a lifetime of service and payments to the country - are treated like pariah's.

They are paid approximately £6.000 a year.
This is "NOT" a benefit it is a tiny amount of what they have paid in.
Whereas others -some of whom have not paid a penny or done a days work - get up to £26.000 a year!

A large section of "OUR" pensioners live alone with no visitors at all.
The "system" has taken away meals on wheels "to SAVE MONEY" ?
Care workers visiting have a set time to get in and off to the next "service user"?
Again another "money saving tactic".

I just wonder what would have happened if these pensioners had said in their younger days "can,t be bothered to work or fight for the country"?
When groups ask for information on the vulnerable in their community to help them they get told "can,t tell you because it's the DATA PROTECTION ACT"?

This even when the people have been checked out by the Police for criminal records.
This "DATA PROTECTION ACT" is a convenient way of discouraging the people from entering their little worlds.
It's an act they are quite willing to forget when it comes to their self interest.
They will also back it up with high placed political apparatchiks.

In the meanwhile thousands of "OUR" pensioners live or die in loneliness, starvation, or freeze to death "EVERY WINTER".
As we pour millions into bloody Spice girl groups in some backward country, or build hospitals -when ours are failing- in foreign lands "DOES ANY ONE CARE"???????


Thursday, 5 January 2017

Multiculturalism the failed experiment.

You could not make it up.
For over twenty years the morons in Westminster have been told that multiculturalism is a failure, yet they knew best.
They carried on relentlessly with their "experiment" ignoring the immense harm they were so obviously doing to our society, and culture.

Warning after warnings were totally ignored using "racism, and bigotry" as a sword to fight off any criticism.
While they carried on with their failing "experiment" community after community (which had been built up over decades) was destroyed became of their vanity.

Are they really that stupid or was this deliberate?
Is this what that murdering megalomaniac Blair meant when his policy of "rubbing the rights nose in diversity"was implemented?
The is the end result of the "lunatics running the asylum".

Umunna and Javid (LABOUR) have both jumped on the bandwagon to blame us using right wing extremist as the excuse for a "supposedly" jump in "racist" crimes?
Well "racist" crimes can be sited for anyone (not white) thinking or daring to criticize a member of the BME community, and executed with ruthless expediency by our biased Police and judiciary.

It has finally sunk in to these imbeciles that they are"not fit for purpose"and should fall on their swords, "but they have no Honour or Integrity" so will not.
They could solve some of the problem if they had and sense,but sadly they will not.
So what is the easy way to deal with this cancer?

1 deport all illegal immigrants -as they have no right to be here-
There's at least a million less.
2 deport all foreign criminals -including those that have arrived in the last ten years- to serve their sentence in their own country.
That's another couple of thousand.
3 stop all legal aid claimed by ambulance, immigrant chasing solicitors.
4 stop immigrants claiming benefits, and housing over indigenous people.

Finally stop blaming white English people for being scared of genocide,when it is you thats creating this climate.
You keep this up and they will strike back when their tolerance you have been feeding off is gone, and believe me when I say "there is very little left".

Potteries Community Federation

Sunday, 18 December 2016

From Great to a Cesspit.

Our ancestors who gave their lives must be spinning in their graves with shame at what has become of a once great country.
Leaders, and Englishmen, and women over the last 20years with no honour, integrity, or honesty.
Spineless people that fall down at the slightest wind of opposition.

Slowly but inevitably the indigenous people are being erased in exchange for the "multicultural, diversity" nightmare inflicted by a maniacal, arrogant, war monger.
Our culture, history, and rights diminished at a fantastic pace by parasitic lice ridden vermin, only with self interest in their motives.

Millions of immigrants have poured into our country.
Rapists, Murderers, criminals of all sorts among them.
Just ask yourself this,

a/ would we need so many prisons if we sent back those foreigners convicted in this country?
b/ would you be able to get a operation or see a doctor if the millions of immigrants had not been allowed in and overloaded the system?
c/ would we need so many foreigners working in the NHS if we did not have so many foreigners?
d/ would your children be able to get an house if the foreigners did not take precedence?
e/Would your children get the school place "you" want not dictated by the amount of foreign children?
These are facts not "racism" and these problems was deliberately created by Blair and his Labour cabinet, by their twisted ideology.

They say you can tell the quality of a nation by the way they treat their elderly.
Well in that case this country fails miserably, and takes the title of the "sickest country in the western hemisphere.
People fear getting old and what is in store for them.

People who have paid into the system all their lives, most with the lives of their family members in the past and to this day fighting on their Governments orders.
They will likely end up in (if they are lucky) care homes after losing their homes and possessions to pay for their aftercare.

At least 10,000 (this figure could rise to 40,000) will die each winter from "fuel, or food" poverty.
They could end up being kicked shit out of by some "care home" worker paid a pittance.
They will end up being treated as an inconvenience by the Government and council.
If they happen to stay out of the clutches of the "system" they will receive approx £6,000 pension a year while watching foreigners (who have not paid a penny into the coffers) get up to £28,000?

They would be better treated in prison!

Our government has sold out our Forces to the enemy for doing what they are ordered.
Terrorists and lice ridden barristers feed off the tax-payer by prosecuting soldiers who had the temerity to exterminate someone hell bent on killing them?

It does not matter that some of these killed British people, That piece of human waste Blair gave them a get out of jail free card?
Even the killer of the soldiers and horses in Hyde Park.
Its not our boys that should be put on trial but Blair, Brown, and Cameron.

Corbyn and his stinking murdering IRA scum McGuiness, and Adams sit around drinking and eating at the tax-payers expense laughing and joking.
This is Labour "NOW" and they don't try to hide it.
Unions, Terrorists, and murderers all out for themselves.

Children are drugged, raped, abused and even murdered (unless the perpetrators are white)  while our Police, Government, and councils turn a blind eye.
All in the name of Political Correctness, and sheer terror at being called "racist"?
The fact that no white Englishman (sorry British, not allowed to be called English) has a "race" card makes it very easy for the police to prosecute them.

Our TV and Press are no longer reliable to give out the truth or have any decency in its programming.
The "9-o-clock "watershed" to protect our kids is constantly broken by filth bordering on pornographic.
The abnormal is portrayed has "normal" with foul mouthed presenters spewing vile and filth.
The case of the great actor Andrew Sachs treatment at the hands of those two pieces of human waste Brand and Ross (who are still allowed to broadcast their filth) proves my point.

Just how long will it be before TV broadcasts paedophilia, or full homosexual sex as  "entertainment" before the "watershed" as normal?
Will anyone please inform me if any other animal on this planet can provide an offspring out of two females, or two males and be called "normal.
Is it any wonder the number of children confused by their sexuality has risen, and put them in danger of being exploited by the sicker side of our society?
Alan MacDonald, Potteries Community Federation.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

"Religion of Peace"?

Another day, another pile of dead bodies in all probabilities down to the "religion of peace".
Spineless, cowardly politicians leap to the defence of this religion like flies around sewage in order to  appease the followers of this "religion", and to warn anyone of daring to speak out, or act in outrage.
They frantically seek out their book of  "excuses" so that they appease their ethnic voters as the indigenous have lost any interest in their lies and spin.

Instead of learning lessons "our" so called politicians stumble on from one disaster to another instead of looking for some sort of a solution.
The whole system closes its eyes and minds to the massive elephant in the room.
They pander and appease a group that thrives on these very faults.

Translators, leaflets (printed in God knows how many languages) segregation of communities who decide they want benefits and services they have not paid a penny to but want their own section of British land to practice their vile customs and laws diametrically opposed to British culture and law.

Sections of Britain have become ghetto's that were originally created by Labours plan to destroy the British culture and identity in order to "rub the rights nose in diversity and "multiculturism".
A ideology that was lunacy in its inception, as it has been proved and stated even by Labour MPs.
Even the warnings of Labours Straw and others was not heeded and the victims pile up still.

Even in this city Councillors, and Police know of the child abuse, but just crawl under their stones and stay silent so has not to lose the votes of these criminals.
Our parks and schools are under threat from these parasites, who act with impunity or fear of prosecution.

This "peaceful" religion has been responsible for many, many millions of deaths and the excusers still excuse it with meaningless platitudes.
It is given land, and rights that is not given to Christians.
It has become a protected (by a racist Government, Police, and Authority) "religion that people are scared to even criticize, for fear of retribution from this triangle of appeasement.

Grown men (that even a madman can spot) are being allowed into our schools.
Rape, FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) forced Marriage, Honour Killings and multiple wives are tolerated by the establishment, even to the point of not being investigated due to "cultural sensibilities"?

Police personal, and the "justice system" are petrified to apply the rule of law to these people because of the fear of accusations of Racism ?
Laws and prosecutions they are only too eager to inflict on the Christian, White people.
A biased press and media that refuses to face the truth, but distorts it in favour of its twisted ideology.

As the facts point to exactly the opposite of the spin and lies of people that don't have a clue what Honour, Integrity, and Truth means, just when will they wake up?
As our rights seem to be disappearing at a startling rate, the only option will not bear contemplating, but will be inevitable.
Potteries Community Federation.    

Sunday, 6 November 2016

White Genocide

As I sit here, I like many, many other parents, and grand parents worry about the future of their children/grand-children and their hope is that their fears will never be realised.
With this Government, Media and Press it is my opinion that they should be quaking in their boots.

For the last 40 years it has been my opinion that the white English people are being eliminated slowly but surely by those whose first duty should be to protect "US".
Now before the manic left wing, sandal wearing, do gooders whine about my statements "prove me wrong".

The agenda was speeded up by that maniacal, lying, murderer Blair and his parasitic lice ridden vermin cronies that decided to open the boarders, and inflict on us Murderers, Rapists, thieves and the scum of the earth complete with their diseases, knowing full well the damage they were inflicting on this country.
Why isn't this piece of human waste hanging from the gallows along with the rest of his cronies?

Then along with the wicked witch he brought in the Criminals charter -Human Rights act- which fortunately made her, and her mates "loads of tax-payers money".
She also had a hand in bringing in legislation in favour of "ethnic minorities" (WHO ARE NOW "THE MAJORITY) in many "English cities where white English are barred from entering without fear of their life.

White rape and slaughter takes place like some Viking attack  and is kept quiet in case it offends the very people who are doing it?
Names of white victims are quickly brushed under the carpet, and the reason for their deaths is distorted so as protect the criminals race, religion.

That is of course unless the victim is of the "BME community" when the press, and media go into a positive feeding frenzy, and every ounce of scandal they can vilify the "white" criminal with is used whether truth or rumour.
Any association with the "far right" or even right wing UKIP and they are loudly pronounced guilty
before they step one foot in a court.

Two names that clarify what I say are Kriss Donald, and Stephen Lawrence.
Read of the two murders, and then tell me white victims are treated equally!

Kriss Donalds mother wasn't given a peerage.
Kriss did not have a plaque laid that is protected by the Police.
Neither did Kriss have a community centre built for him.
Finally the press and media don't fawn over Kriss where barely a week goes by without Lawrence's picture in the press.
Anybody but his poor parents, and family know what this poor "white" victim looks like?
Thought not.

Sadly he heads a very long list of "white" victims the Police, Press, and media have brushed under the carpet, to keep the rest in the dark of the scale of risk.
As far as they -Government included- are concerned its -like the deaths of thousands of pensioners every winter through fuel or food poverty- "ACCEPTABLE"?

Acceptable along with the drugging, rape, torture, (sometimes ending in murder) of millions of "white" children that has been known about by Police, MPs, Child Services, and even Councillors for the last 40 years.
"Now tell me why any leader of any country in the world that would allow this mass slaughter of its own people without doing something"?

Never before has this country had such liars, thieves and scum running it.
Blair and his scum have been protected by their mates in Government.
Kieth Vaz offers Cocaine to rent boys he hired and they make him "JUSTICE MINISTER", voted in by MPs of both sides!
Baroness Scotland rips off the tax-payer and still keeps her job?

The people do have faith in law and order as the total "Justice System" is not "fit for purpose" and needs tearing to shreds.
The Police are slowly becoming the "enemy who are protecting the criminals" so will suffer the wrath of an angry people.

To any one with a glimmer of foresight this cannot go on.
These "people" are out of control and need reigning in.
If they won't sort them out then the people will.
History has a nasty habit of repeating itself and justice will come, and they will be the first casualties.

The only advice I will give to people is protect yourself and if like me you are frightened of your children's/ Grand children's future start fighting to protect it.
Anthony Dawson Potteries Community Federation.



Monday, 24 October 2016

Its Coming.

Just when did I become a second rate citizen, a foreigner in my own country?
How did I become so hated by my own Government that they want to eradicate any trace of me and my family to suit their failed "multicultural nightmare"?
Why have they turned this beautiful country -I was so proud of- into a third world sh**hole?

Areas are no go to White English Christians from foreigners that have never put a penny into the pot, and seem to believe they can do just what they bloody like, with the support of he authorities?
Pensioners are given a measly, laughable state pension of approximately £6,000 per annum while some johnny come lately immigrant walks into a "Shangri-La" of money averaging £24,000 per annum?

An average 10,000 pensioners die each year through fuel/food poverty while third world rapists, murderers, muggers and thieves live the life of Riley on benefits.
While I am retired -but still working- I cannot even dream of a lifestyle given to immigrants.
If I even question their lifestyle I am automatically branded a "racist"?
Sod you I don't give a damn.

Our justice system has become the laughing stock of the world lead by left wing cowards and doddering old men.
Our Police Force -sorry service- is so far out of touch with the public they serve that the rise in vigilantism is a forgone conclusion.

The public is sick to the back teeth of a justice system that protects the criminal and acts against the victim.
Sentencing, and punishment are laughable that sooner or later victims will strike back and carry out their own justice, and they will have the backing of the public.

With the lice ridden parasitic vermin in the justice system now wringing their scrawny hands at the thought of the money they can screw out of the public purse by dragging our Armed forces into court on testament - some gained by lies- from the enemy they too deserve to be in the stocks the filthy vermin.

Blair and his stinking associates in the Labour party started a war on lies, murdered thousands of innocent civilians yet are free to continue their lives sucking -like the leaches they are- the life blood out of "our" tax's?
Again justice is turned on its head for scum like this, while brave men and women's lives are made hell.

The first rule of any government is to "PROTECT ITS CITIZENS" but apparently does not include Englishmen and women.
While it allows thousands of immigrants on a daily basis to enter the country without even the most basic of Health, or Criminal checks are they aware we are sleepwalking into a Bosnia style civil war?

All these "economic migrants" (because that's exactly what they are) come for is free money, Housing, Education, and Health Service, that us silly buggers have paid for.
Has any of these morons in the Home Office thought that -as ISIS have stated- they are letting in an army of killers and rapists?

Well its my opinion that we are looking at reprisals against our so called "leaders" on a scale never seen in this country.
This could include those that defend, and protect them.
I and many of my countrymen and women will not stand in line to be exterminated for their twisted ideology, we will start fighting back.
Potteries Community Federation.