Monday, 24 October 2016

Its Coming.

Just when did I become a second rate citizen, a foreigner in my own country?
How did I become so hated by my own Government that they want to eradicate any trace of me and my family to suit their failed "multicultural nightmare"?
Why have they turned this beautiful country -I was so proud of- into a third world sh**hole?

Areas are no go to White English Christians from foreigners that have never put a penny into the pot, and seem to believe they can do just what they bloody like, with the support of he authorities?
Pensioners are given a measly, laughable state pension of approximately £6,000 per annum while some johnny come lately immigrant walks into a "Shangri-La" of money averaging £24,000 per annum?

An average 10,000 pensioners die each year through fuel/food poverty while third world rapists, murderers, muggers and thieves live the life of Riley on benefits.
While I am retired -but still working- I cannot even dream of a lifestyle given to immigrants.
If I even question their lifestyle I am automatically branded a "racist"?
Sod you I don't give a damn.

Our justice system has become the laughing stock of the world lead by left wing cowards and doddering old men.
Our Police Force -sorry service- is so far out of touch with the public they serve that the rise in vigilantism is a forgone conclusion.

The public is sick to the back teeth of a justice system that protects the criminal and acts against the victim.
Sentencing, and punishment are laughable that sooner or later victims will strike back and carry out their own justice, and they will have the backing of the public.

With the lice ridden parasitic vermin in the justice system now wringing their scrawny hands at the thought of the money they can screw out of the public purse by dragging our Armed forces into court on testament - some gained by lies- from the enemy they too deserve to be in the stocks the filthy vermin.

Blair and his stinking associates in the Labour party started a war on lies, murdered thousands of innocent civilians yet are free to continue their lives sucking -like the leaches they are- the life blood out of "our" tax's?
Again justice is turned on its head for scum like this, while brave men and women's lives are made hell.

The first rule of any government is to "PROTECT ITS CITIZENS" but apparently does not include Englishmen and women.
While it allows thousands of immigrants on a daily basis to enter the country without even the most basic of Health, or Criminal checks are they aware we are sleepwalking into a Bosnia style civil war?

All these "economic migrants" (because that's exactly what they are) come for is free money, Housing, Education, and Health Service, that us silly buggers have paid for.
Has any of these morons in the Home Office thought that -as ISIS have stated- they are letting in an army of killers and rapists?

Well its my opinion that we are looking at reprisals against our so called "leaders" on a scale never seen in this country.
This could include those that defend, and protect them.
I and many of my countrymen and women will not stand in line to be exterminated for their twisted ideology, we will start fighting back.
Potteries Community Federation. 

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Grooming gang.

This story has been hidden away by the national Media and press.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Where are they?

Just when are the Police going to do their jobs?
From one of our members comes a report of,
1/ an alledged drug den operating on Scotia Road with impunity?
2/ a Fagan type character supplementing is income by selling stolen goods?
3/ Grooming gangs operating in the full knowledge of the Police and councillors, through fear of "offending" or fear of losing "votes"?
4/ cars and motorbikes racing round our streets and fields?
Why is this happening right under their noses?
Which councillor has the backbone to ask questions of the police and the local press -that appears deaf,dumb, and blind to these very crimes. 
We pay for a service that is fast becoming a joke to law abiding citizens.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

English Racism.

I often sit down -because I have to- and wonder at the stupidity, deceitfulness, and racism of my own Government.
This is a bunch of fools led by a chief jester who have not got the sense God gave a flea.

Firstly Islam, which means "submission" or "surrender" .
No misinterpretation on that then?
Its either "convert or be killed"?
No grey area there neither.

Homosexuals are not tolerated, and usually tossed off mountains or high buildings.
Anyone criticizing Mohammed is immediately up for death.
Monogamy is practised and allowed by my own Government, but only for Muslims?
After all why have one claim for benefits when you can get 2/3/4 and on and on?

Muslims are running around the world killing Christian  men, women, and children -in the most savage and disgusting ways possible-and other religions, yet our -so called- leaders have allowed a mass immigration of these people into this country?
Above all they madly try and assure us this "religion" is a "religion of peace"?

They have been peddling this lie since that megalomaniac Blair (responsible for hundreds of thousands of innocent lives to be prematurely ended) opened the floodgates and allowed millions of immigrants into the country, fully knowing the consequences of their mad ideology.

Crime going through the roof.
Housing shortages.
Hospital appointments cancelled, and communities destroyed.
As if this was not enough Blair and his cronies relaxed the drinking laws, and gambling laws.

End result -as he was warned would happen- a broken society, suspicious and angry of the murderers, rapists, and thieves he brought in.
To those that whine about racism this has never been about colour, or race, "ITS ABOUT NUMBERS".

That lying, piece of lice ridden vermin -Blair- knew what would happen and for him and his scummy family it was all about money.
His wife made a fortune out of the Criminals Charter (Human Rights Act) they forced on the British people, as well as a Australian Children's Cancer Charity.
Here's hoping the pair of them go to their master -SATAN- as soon as possible, and I see it.

For "racism" see the Government of England.
They treat the ENGLISH people with utter contempt.
All forms are written for "BRITISH" citizens?

"British" is a title that means nothing to Englishmen and women, its dished out like toffee's to anyone that decides -legally or illegally- to come here.
The Irish, Scottish, and Welsh have the right to be recognised for their nationality, but the English have not "WHY".

We are constantly expected to be the poor man of the UK while money is poured into the other three countries.
College fees, prescription charges, Drugs, and TV licences just to name a few we pay for while the others get it for free?

We are a tolerant race -the English- but we can only be pushed so far.
Napoleon, Hitler Galtearia, and others have made the mistake and paid dearly.
Lets hope the fools in London realise this before the streets run red with blood.
Potteries Community Federation.   


Sunday, 2 October 2016

Fantasies, and Lies.

Let me straighten out a few fantasies and lies spread by muck raking scum about the PCF.
We have our differences of opinions as do all people from different backgrounds, but we can not come close to the "racist" Labour party.
We can get on with most races, and people except the vile, disgusting paedophile lovers in the Labour party, both Local and National.

Personally we know of the low life scum that have shielded local Paedophiles just to prostitute their consciences just for votes.
Also the authorities and Police that have kept quiet so as not to offend "cultural sensibilities"?
In other words "its ok to drug, rape, and torture children so long as they are white"?

Also hide the true culprits behind a generalisation of "Asians", when the main offenders are no secret.
This stigmatises the Chinese, Burmese, Indians, and other totally innocent races.
This while calling anyone that criticizes the scum, all the disgusting names they can, hoping some of the mud sticks.
Some of our own local councillors, Police and Press have deliberately hid the true facts on these vile scum, possibly to further a -albeit a sick one- political agenda.

The PCF will not be frightened off by these low life's.
In fact we will carry on until these protectors of any paedophile be they white or BME are made to pay for their crimes.
Yes it is a crime to pervert the course of justice, and if our "police" won't act then there will be no alternative to the people bringing justice for our children.

It is our belief that the scum hiding these low life's or the evidence of their crimes will be outed and made to pay for their cowardice.
Also the people are becoming more and more angry at the anti-white racism our authorities, and Police are displaying against anyone that dares to stand up.
Just how long do these "people" think they can keep the pot from boiling over into bloodshed"?
Potteries Community Federation.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Keystone Cops.

Could the West Midlands Police Force (sorry Service) make itself look anymore foolish or incompetent.
I am not talking about the front line troops that do a excellent job, but its out of touch -so called- leaders.

First they hide the facts about the extent of "grooming" by Pakistani men in Telford just like their comrades in Rotherham did to "stop any backlash in the Election?
Just when did the W,M,P, have the right to protect criminals from being exposed -unlike their white counterparts who are equally disgusting- because of race?
Isn't that alone "RACIST"?

Another small -but significant point- is who gave them the power to intervene in the Election process, although this is not an isolated incident?
They intervened and made a candidate for MP's campaign nearly impossible to carry out on the word of a local Labour councillor.
Puppets and string pullers comes to mind.

On top of all this they put forward the idea of "Cops in Burqa's" ?
No I,m not joking, some "Senior Officer" came up with this ludicrous idea.
Leaving aside the fact that they would look completely ridiculous, and a risk to themselves from criminals, "just how are these "Burqa Cops going to chase anybody without giving the appearance of a Keystone Cop chase?

Let me state that -before the screams of "racist"- we at the PCF have no problem with head scarfs, after all most of our mothers wore them.
A Burqa -full face veil) is a repressive piece of  clothing and is not welcome in our society that works by face to face, eye to eye contact.
Its a simple fact that we communicate not only by voice but by facisll

Along with these "Burqa Cops" will they allow Cops dressed as Jedi Warriors, or Strutters like the "compere the advert?
Mind you they are the ones that sent policemen -when they were moaning about low manpower- to the Caribbean to look after British drunks?

Just what has our -envied all over the world- police force (sorry service) sunk to?
We have a judicial system that is constantly being changed to suit minorities, and works against the majority.
You cannot constantly intimidate and threaten one part of society while leaving another to commit crime with impunity without a severe backlash.

At home the Tory's are doing boundary changes and Labour are whingeing?
The same racist Labour party that changed the boundaries in Stoke-on-Trent to gain more ,also to gain more of the ethnic votes, and took the right to vote every year -like most of the country- in Elections.
They had the audacity to claim they were doing it because of the BNP?
Potteries Community Federation.
Alan MacDonald.


Saturday, 10 September 2016

Boost Cities Standing.

I have just come back from the city of Liverpool.
What a magnificent job it's councils have done over the years exploiting it's history and famous people and cleaning the city up to get more tourism and finances going into the coffers.
Everybody in the city benefits from this long term forward thinking, both citizens and business,s.

This could be replicated in our city with a little forethought and foresight.
We have famous citizens in R J Mitchell, Robbie Williams, Wedgewood, Minton, Moorcroft, Spode, Portmerion, Slash, Lemmy, Captain Edward Smith (Titanic), Stanley Mathews, Stoke, and Vale, Phil Taylor (16 times winner of the World Professional Darts Championship, and the world famous author Arnold Bennet.

Surely this council could get their heads together and create a city of interest with all this history and famous people?
We have loads of vacant buildings that could be used for the purpose of showing our famous faces and their lives off.

I,m sure societies usiness,s and fan clubs could be involved in this project.
This would give this city a massive boost in finances and pride.
So come on council show us what we pay you for.
Potteries Community Federation