Saturday, 28 May 2016

Lies and halftruths.

Well Britain's politicians have sunk to new levels of behaviour.
They have trawled the sewers for some of the most despicable cronies imaginable.
Murders, liars and the loser scum of the sewer have been paraded to give the case for remaining in the most corrupt regime since the inception of the Mafia.
Blair, Brown, Milliband, Prescott, Campbell, Corbyn and Cameron are all best buddies now?

Warnings of apocalyptic proportions are dished out (paid for by the tax-payer) on a daily basis from rejects like the Welsh windbag Kinnock, and any piece of human waste they can dredge up.
Osbourne is just as bad with his scare tactics, and ridiculous stories that would fit the children's programme "Jackanory" they are so wild.

Before you go any further just take a minute to digest the list of names, and their backgrounds already stated.
These are all failures and masters at deception and lies.
Cameron has for the last 5 years been doing so many u-turns he must be dizzy.

Brown, Milliband, and Blair are all losers, and Blair's hands are blood covered with the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians with his lies.
As for the rest you would not trust them to run a bath.
Incompetent, terrorist lovers, and parasites of tax-payers money.

Is anybody stupid enough to take advice from these scumbags and traitors that would sell their granny's out to get on the EU gravy train?
Tory, Labour and Lib Dems all in the same bed with the bankers, and moneymen is the best reason I know to ignore these fools and charlatans.

This will be the only time you will be able to give these conmen a bloody nose by rejecting their efforts to fill their pockets with your money.
Alan MacDonald Potteries Community Federation. 


Monday, 2 May 2016

Racist Labour

Once again we have the left wing press and media unable to hold down a story and it goes into overdrive distorting the story into trying to make believe the "poor man" Corbyn is being "picked on"?
I read the stories that Labour MPs had been "racist" to the Jewish people, and even Ken Livingstoke  stated "I have been saying this for 20 years and nobody's said anything"?
Just like the "grooming of young white children then"?

Well pardon me for stating the bleeding obvious, but Labour have systematically carried out a racist policy to the white English people since that lying megalomaniac Blair came to power.
Their "Human Rights Act" (which started filling Blair's wife bank account), and their "positive" Racial Discrimination laws, which favoured anybody that was not white?

We are all well aware of outrageous  "racist" comments made by Dianne Abbot -which were conveniently ignored, but fully supported by Galloway.

Another "Labour" MP Ken Livingstone -whose support for the IRA was open in the 70s and 80s while they were bombing and killing English soldiers, women and children is open about his "racist" views.

The Labour party since Blair has descended into a party of hatred of anything to do with the Culture, History and customs of the indigenous people of this island.
He made no secret of the fact that when he opened the flood gates to immigrants he was out to destroy the make up (built up over hundreds of generations) of this country, even going as far as abolishing the "Treason Act" so he could not be hung.

I hear Labour supporters go on about the rich, whining about Cameron and Osbourn's wealth.
If it was not so funny I would cry at their stupidity.
Both Blair and that other moron Gordon -sold our gold at a silly price- Brown have both become multi-millionaires, (along with many others) from the people of this country, and are still screwing us to pay for their bodyguards!

Labours motto is its ok for them but woe betide anyone else that dare criticize any of their affiliations.
This is the true face of "racist" Labour who jump on anybody daring to disagree with their twisted thinking.
The Potteries Community Federation.  

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Police Comissioner Election.

Can the police's popularity sink any lower?
When will our "Police Commissioner" or Staffordshire police accept there is a serious problem they cannot hide.
The truth cannot be buried by "politically correct" political puppets who run "our" police "force" like their own little gang to twist the law to suit their political agenda.

In the Bluewater shopping centre a woman is raped and abused by a gang of up to ten "men" and "KENT" police go into secret mode by keeping "stum" about the perpetrators, releasing those they say are responsible "on bail"?
Now pardon me but this young lady is traumatised and those allegedly  responsible are let out, possibly to do it again?

On May the 5th the Police Commissioners election is due.
Now for the last ten years (before Mathew Ellis was elected) there was a serious problem in Stoke-on-Trent that was avoided -like the plague- by Staffordshire Police!
It was known to the police and park committees about "grooming" of young white girls in Burslem, Tunstall, and Hanley parks, yet nothing was done.

Labour, and Independent councillors, along with the police knew all about the problem yet kept quiet?
Police Commissioner Mathew Ellis knew about it, and has not tackled the problem.
Which begs the question "why is the protection of vulnerable young children being ignored"?
Why is Staffordshire the only county where "grooming" is not a priority?

Tunstall's crime figures show a disturbing rise in sexual crimes, -which seem to be hidden with crimes of violence-?
15 to 32 in one month, and nothing reported in the Sentinel?
Does the blackout of this crime also include The Sentinel?

Mr Ellis I voted for you and advised all my members to vote for you.
I certainly did not vote to allow  Labour Councillor -who also knew and allowed this crime to carry on in silence- to get their claws into the justice system and -I believe- has abused the position.
We voted for a man we believed would sort out the corruption, and scandals going on in this city.

I believe the worst result for this city would be Labour councillor Joy Garner getting the PCs job.
So lets see some action for our votes this time.
Potteries Community Federation

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Greedy Wild Dogs

Like a pack of slavering wild dogs our politicians demand more and more of our money to feed their insatiable greed.
This while giving absolutely nothing back.
Just what will satisfy their greed and profligacy?

These are the same scum that have brought the NHS, and the country to near bankruptcy through their incompetency.
Blair/Brown and Cameron have made millions while leaving behind them a trail of disaster, and failure.

Recently a picture appeared in a National Newspaper of a class of around 60 doctors who when asked what they were going to do after training and over 90% put their hands up to practice outside this country?
This while the Government rapes third world countries of their much needed, valuable doctors and nurses who they can employ on the cheap.
400 being raped from India with little or no knowledge of our NHS, culture or History.

It matters not a jot that language difficulties are ending up with morgues filled with their errors as well as errors by junior doctors left to see to patients without adequate supervision?
The fact that this was all predicted before that human piece of waste Blair opened the floodgates to all and sundry, including "known" murderers, rapists, and muggers?

They were all warned that the infrastructure could not support mass immigration but took no notice, just like the gambling and drinking problems that would arise through their stupidity.
They even abolished the treason law so that they would not be held to account.
They have nothing to worry about since they are protected from their stupidity, unlike us.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Bed mates.

While I believe that the present council make up is far superior to the one that has been imposed on the poor people of this city for many prior years there are a couple of questions I would like the present leader to answer.
The first one is "why has the council got into bed (in the same joke of a building) with the Police?
They make very strange bed fellows, considering the chequered past of Police and Council staff?
Dimensions, Westcliffe Hospital, and other dubious goings on.

Firstly there is a question of "conflict of interests" in that senior members of the Police and council are in the same "masonic style" club in being "COMMON PURPOSE" trained.
Secondly several investigations into council corruption and fraud have all crashed and burned, leaving (I believe) "no one" prosecuted?

Also we have a Councillor serving on the Police and Crime committee?
Does this Councillor have access to private information ?
This raises many questions that Mathew Ellis needs to answer.
Also is information gained being used against citizens for political gain?
I know what I think knowing the character of some of those involved both in the police and the council.

My next question I ask the leader is "when are you going to intervene to stop the protection racket that is the laughable "Standards Board"?
For those that have never come across this abortion of a committee here are some of the facts.

The Chair is an ex Magistrate that has no power, and the rest on the board are "councillors"!
So how in Gods name are the public to get justice with this "Mickey Mouse" farcical board of members?
Names like Barnes, Wazzir, Shotton, Wanger, Meredith, and Khan are just a selection of many called in front of their mates to answer accusation only to return to their jobs "as normal"?

This farce of a committee was shown up when Majid Khan and Amjad Wazzir got involved with allowing a criminal to get a taxi licence.
Even with this hanging over Khan the Labour council went and made him Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent ( a city he did not even live in)?

Is it not time that these liars, conmen and Paedophiles were kept as far away from the chamber as possible to avoid accusation of complicity?
You have a chance to rid the council of this nasty stench of dubious bed mates being used to corrupt the truth.
This has happened (with councillors knowledge) over the last twenty years with the drugging, rape and torture of Hundreds of young, vulnerable children in this city.

By doing something you just might be able to start ridding this City of the title of Joke-on-Trent title.

Potteries Community Federation.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Immigration Crimewave

When you become an MP does this mean all the promises and intentions disappear to make way for “Party Politics” to appear?

From Heath to Cameron we have been constantly betrayed and deliberately lied to, to further political careers.


Our living standards, and environment  have fallen to that of a second rate country.

Our education system is in tatters with generations of children leaving school unable to read, write or be numerate.

Our NHS has been all but eliminated by privatisation, targets, and understaffing.


All this was speeded up by Labours disastrous policy of Multiculterism/ Diversity and mass immigration.

They further compounded this by their ludicrous policy of bowing to the drinks and gambling industry  to create a new wave of Gamblers and drinkers that would further sap the NHS of desperately needed funds.


With Labours flood of voters came “murderers” “rapists” “muggers” and “terrorists” which they were well aware of but did it anyway.

All of this has created a unsafe, nasty unsettled society, where murder, rape, robbery and theft are common place.


The indigenous people have no protection, because to complain or stand up to wrongs mean they will be called vile meaningless names like “racist” ”homophobe””islamaphobe” etc, etc.

Then they face a justice system so warped in its thinking that known killers are given “Human Rights” to risk staying and killing again?


Rapists are getting let off with their crimes on the flimsiest of excuses.

In fact the latest lunacy to be used as a defence is “it’s their culture and they have to be taught not to rape”????

All over Europe thousands of these dangerous vile rapists are heading this way to our shores.


As if it was not bad enough now with possibly hundreds of thousands of children being drugged, raped, and beaten (some killed) all hidden by LABOUR??

Do we really want this vile scum in our country just to make the left wing feel good?

Whenever Governments fail to listen to the people bloodshed usually follows, and the fuse has already been lit across Europe.


We are a tolerant people but our tolerance has been taken as a weakness by this third world scum with the expensive clothes, and I phones who believe “we owe them”.

The sooner the border is shut, all foreign criminals –and their families- are deported and the indigenous people are put first the better.

Potteries Community Federation.            

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Child Abuse Silence.

No one but a child that has been sexually abused can understand the pain, guilt and  self loathing that they carry with them all their lives.
The recurring nightmares, the shame and the mental torture that constantly sits waiting at the back of their memories to come crashing to the front bringing depression and fear.
So why would a civilised society allow this to happen on a hourly basis to their children?

An even more disturbing question is "why would the Police deliberately cover up information about this vile crime" to seemingly protect these vile scum?

Yesterday in Stoke-on-Trent according to the Sentinel  it was just another day?
This while the Daily Mail carried a story titled "40 YOUNG GIRLS LURED TO SEX PARTYSET UP BY GROOMING GANG".
Which begs the question "WHY WAS IT NOT REPORTED IN THE SENTINEL???

Although along with the Police, and the Social Services, they have all managed to keep a lid on this epidemic in this area by their silence while hundreds of young girls have been drugged, beaten raped, "passed around like meat" to satisfy sick evil minds.
Got to hand it to West Midlands Police they have done an excellent job.

By the way the party was splashed all over facebook, and many parents complained in order for action to be taken, but "surprise, surprise NO ONE WAS ARRESTED"
This will surely go down as "you could not make it up" if it was not so serious.
Let me say that I do not blame the front line officers, but a management structure that plays the political game instead of the job they are paid FOR.

All this comes as no surprise to the PCF as we have been publishing the facts for many years.
Look back to the many times we have told of the favourite "spots" (schools, and parks) that these vile scum have been operating from, yet "NO ACTION TAKEN"?
Even Mathew Ellis "Police Commissioner for Staffordshire" has been informed at a meeting well over 6 months ago.

Even most of "our" councillors have known for the last 15 years (at least) of this happening in their constituencies yet have ignored it?
Try and question  Tunstall, Burslem and Hanley Councillors and Police Chiefs, but don't expect any answers.
Question "by not reporting or acting on information received are these Councillors participating or benefitting from their silence"?

Don't fall for the verbal diarrhoea spewed out by the Police and Cameron of its a minority, and the "community did not know" as the facts just don't support that garbage.

The inaction and cowardly way this has been allowed to carry on is a national disgrace.
The cover up and deceit practiced by the Police, Councillors and Media will surely blow up in their faces, but hey they are only children and are expendable.
The Police have gone as far as protect the abusers when the parents have tried to intervene to get their daughter out of their grasp, even threatening them with arrest?

The stain of fear in those paid to protect us is pungent and will take a long time to wash out, and only when a brave man steps up to the plate, prosecuting those that stay silent as well as the vile scum that commit this evil crime praying on the most vulnerable in our society.
The alternative is the people do the job the Police and Councils are not prepared to do, then turn on those who knew and did nothing?

Alan MacDonald. Potteries Community Federation